Breathe new life into your everyday space with beautiful art

Instead of fading to black when the TV is off, The Frame turns into a canvas to display a gallery of your favourite artworks — or your very own photography. More than just a a TV, The Frame brings fine art into your home and inspires you to reinvent your everyday space — each and every day.

Here's what makes The Frame the art lover's go-to.

Try out your TV and Bezel in different rooms

Make your own TV

The Frame is a gorgeous TV that can be endlessly transformed. Turn it on, and enjoy the kind of brilliant display you'd expect from a QLED 4K TV. Or turn it off, and into your very own gallery of stunning art. It’s a canvas to express your creativity in your home, inspiring you to reinvent your space whenever the mood strikes.

Style The Frame, your way

Customisable Bezels

Switch up the colour and style of your Frame TV with customisable bezel frames. Designed to look just like the edges of a picture frame, it's never been easier to customise The Frame TV to work with your taste, space or simply the artwork on display.

TV when it's on, Art when it's off

Art Mode

Instead of turning into a black screen, The Frame transforms into a showcase of beautiful artwork and photography when it's turned off, allowing the TV to become part of your décor.

Bringing world-class galleries to you

Art Store

Access over 2,300 beautiful works of art on the Art Store*, spanning iconic classics to contemporary stunners – to find the perfect piece that matches your every occasion.

*Separate Art Store subscription required to access full selection.

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